Nambucca Heads Mens Shed Inc.

We are not quite on the Scrapheap


Thu, 21/01/2021 - 13:24 -- andonambo

Nambucca Heads Men's Shed says WELCOME.

 This website has been built to let people know - who, what and where we are. To show the products we produce and the services we can offer.  It also serves as a place to trade excess tools or materials for something another shed or local individual has and to provide a discussion forum for problems relating to Sheds and in particular projects where local knowledge is not available.  Perhaps a place to share a joke or plans for a coffee table, car ramps or health tips etc in the forums area or post a suggested complete project with plans in the Projects Section.

We want to let others know that we have a good supply of dried - slabbed timber of various species for sale and we are planning to produce short educational/instruction videos on machine use and shed etiquette to help with induction of new members.

Our Constitution can be read here

There is a contact form if you have any requests or problems.     Regards  Bruce Andersen

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