Nambucca Power Project - NFP Survey

Earlier in the year the Nambucca Heads Mens Shed received funding to survey the community Not for Profit organisations to see if renewable energy could be used to assist these groups to become more sustainable by lowering some of their overhead costs.

This was called the Nambucca Power Project, we hired the Community Power Agency to assist and guide us to compile the survey and complete a report on the results.

We thank the participants and now this report is available for those interested to see here

The funding to implement this project came from FRRR and IRCF and Alison from IRCF has informed us that another grant is coming up.  If people were interested perhaps a few renewable systems could be installed and some of the savings gained by the group with the system could be used as a revolving fund to progressively install other systems.

This of course will need volunteers so if you would like to drive this forward please

contact us at  

A stronger community